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Compact Disc
Hunter Brown + Eric Wong: Si Distributions

This is the first time I put out anything recorded acoustically in my current apartment. Well, no, it’s the second time, the first one was on social media. Right after the recording session for this record, I took a video of a Bluetooth speaker physically moving when I played back some low frequency with it, and I put it online.

I read about a content creator recently mentioning that he would start shooting in his new studio instead of his living room for better privacy. During the mixing session with Hunter, we could tell where the acoustic sound came from. we knew it of course, because we were there, but I also wonder if listeners could pick up anything too.

On August 4th 2023, I met Eric at his Berlin apartment and we played together for the first time. I was familiar with his work prior, and we had just split a bill at Petersburg Art Space a few nights previous. What was unfamiliar to me was the acoustic qualities of Eric’s apartment along with the animated sonic tapestry of the Berlin city streets just outside. Eric’s instrument involves him placing a number of Bluetooth speakers throughout the space, which activate the acoustic qualities of the room. Even though I had previously heard him use this instrument, the way this specific room contorted when pointedly activated by Eric’s synthesized tones was a novel sonic phenomenon for my ears to process while we improvised. While we were sound checking, my ears’ attention kept being pulled outside my headphones; outside the sonically contorted room, and to the distant hum of the street outside. We then decided to open the windows to enable the street sounds to enter into this world we were constructing inside Eric’s apartment. When I listen back to this record I am transported back to this specific, strange, and peculiar world that could have only existed then and there.


Hunter Brown - Computer
Eric Wong - Computer + Spatialized Bluetooth Speakers

March 17th 2024