Digital Audio + Zine

With writing by: Ryu Hankil, Michael Speers, Vijay Masharani, and Stefan Maier
Envelope Demon - Ryu Hankil
Ryu Hankil does nothing less than conjure the voice of a demon: it is one that inhabits our words, shaping the sound and content of all our speech, and thus thinking. By extracting these demons and focusing on their auditory energies, Hankil imagines a newfound freedom from the oppressive form of light.
For David Stockard - Michael Speers
Every impact of a drum necessarily produces some amount of friction. And with this friction comes some small amount of electrical charge. Michael Speers’ For David Stockard pursues the synthetics native to the drumhead, seemingly giving voice to the electrical currents that stream from each articulation of his instrument.
October 6th 2023
Mastering - Eli Crews
Design - Secret Riso Club